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      As of 0-24 o'clock on January 31, the 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 2102 new confirmed cases, 268 new severe cases, 46 new death cases (45 in Hubei Province, 1 in Chongqing city), 72 new cured and discharged cases, and 5019 new suspected cases. (source: novel coronavirus pneumonia at 24 January 31st) at the official website of the People's Republic of China national health and Health Council.
       Aiming at the novel coronavirus, the National Health Protection Committee proposed a new treatment plan for treating new coronary disease by TCM. In the fourth part of the plan, it is clearly put forward that the disease belongs to the category of epidemic diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. The disease is located in the lung because of the feeling of pestilence, and its basic pathogenesis is characterized by "dampness, heat, toxin and stasis". According to the condition, local climate characteristics and different physical conditions, the following plans can be used for syndrome differentiation and treatment (this plan can not be used for prevention).
      The refined Yinqiao antidote tablets, Yinqiao antidote granules and Yinqiao antidote tablets produced by Guangxi Zhengtang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are improved on the basis of the ancient formula yinqiao powder. At the beginning of the wind heat cold, it has a good effect on the severe fever, the light cough, the dry throat and the sore throat. It is also widely used in the initial stage of a variety of acute febrile diseases, such as influenza, acute tonsillitis, pneumonia and other syndrome differentiation, which belong to those who are at the beginning of the warm diseases and are evil depressed and lung healthy.
[drug name] Yinqiao Jiedu granules
【成   份】金银花、连翘、甘草、荆芥穗、桔梗、淡豆豉、牛蒡子、淡竹叶、薄荷油。辅料为蔗糖、糊精。
[ingredients] honeysuckle, forsythia, liquorice, Schizonepeta, Platycodon grandiflorum, light Douchi, burdock, light bamboo leaf, peppermint oil. The auxiliary materials are sucrose and dextrin.
【性   状】本品为浅棕色的颗粒;味甜、微苦辛。
[sexual] this product is light brown granules, sweet and slightly bitter.
[usage and dosage] take it with boiling water, 15g at a time, 3 times a day. Take one more time in severe cases.
[function indications] expelling wind and removing surface, clearing away heat and detoxifying. It is used for wind heat and cold. Symptoms include fever, headache, cough, dry mouth and sore throat.
     Refined Yinqiao antidotal tablets add paracetamol, a western medicine component, to enhance the understanding of the efficacy of thermal analgesia, mainly used for influenza, chills and fever, limb laziness, headache and cough, sore throat. Yinqiao Jiedu pill is a kind of over-the-counter cold medicine. The prescription comes from the identification of febrile diseases. It's a classic prescription. It's named after it because of the reuse of honeysuckle and forsythia to evacuate through the table and clear away heat and detoxify.
[general name]: refined Yinqiao antidote tablet
【成  份】扑热息痛、桔梗、连翘、淡豆豉、甘草、淡竹叶、金银花、牛蒡子、荆芥穗、薄荷脑。辅料为硬脂酸镁、淀粉。
[ingredients] paracetamol, Platycodon, forsythia, tempeh, liquorice, bamboo leaf, honeysuckle, burdock, Schizonepeta, menthol. The auxiliary materials are magnesium stearate and starch.
【性    状】本品为糖衣片,除去糖衣后显棕褐色;味苦。
[sexual] this product is a sugar coated tablet. After removing the sugar coating, it turns brown and tastes bitter.
   [function indications] clearing away heat and dispersing wind, relieving superficial symptoms and reducing fever. It is used for influenza, chills, fever, limb soreness, headache, cough, sore throat.

[drug name] Yinqiao antidote tablet
【成      份】金银花、连翘、薄荷、荆芥、淡豆豉、牛蒡子(炒)、桔梗、淡竹叶、甘草。辅料为淀粉、硬脂酸镁。
[ingredients] honeysuckle, forsythia, mint, Schizonepeta, light Douchi, Burdock (stir fried), Platycodon, light bamboo leaf, liquorice. The auxiliary materials are starch and magnesium stearate.
【性      状】本品为薄膜衣片,除去包衣后显浅棕色至棕褐色;气芳香,味苦、辛。
[sexual] this product is a film coated tablet. After removing the coating, it appears light brown to tan. It is fragrant, bitter and pungent.
[function indications] expelling wind and removing surface, clearing away heat and detoxifying. It is used for wind heat and cold. Symptoms include fever, headache, cough, dry mouth and sore throat.

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